Bekament BK-Kul Decorative mosaic plaster 25kg

Bekament BK-Kul Decorative mosaic plaster 25kg

Nomenclature number: 12301984
Application temperature:
From +5°C to +30°C do not work in direct sunlight, rain or strong wind.
High humidity and low temperatures can significantly increase bonding time
on the plaster.

Spending rate:
~ 5kg/m2.
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Decorative mosaic plaster of polyvinyl chloride for permanent protection of facade surfaces.
It is characterized by exceptional hardness, water resistance and protection from atmospheric influences.

Preparation and application

Before application, the surface must be sound, clean, dry, without poorly connected parts, stains, grease, etc.
Before applying BK Kul to the surface, BK-Acryl or BK-Grund Universal primer must be applied,
colored in the approximate shade of the finishing plaster.

The time for laying the mortar is a minimum of 12 hours.
Before applying BK-Kul, stir until the mixture foams and, if necessary, dilute with a small amount of water - up to 1%
Dilution ratio: 0.08L water per 8kg package.

Mixing of the material should be done from bucket to bucket, either by hand or with an electric mixer at low speed.
BK-Kul is applied with a steel trowel with a thickness of 2-2.5mm from bottom to top.

The applied layer must be well aligned to eliminate visible spaces between the grains.
It is necessary to work evenly and without interruption on continuous wall surfaces.
It is not intended for installation on facade surfaces within thermal insulation systems.