Bekament BK-Travertino Exterior & Interior Travertino decorative plaster 20kg

Bekament BK-Travertino Exterior & Interior Travertino decorative plaster 20kg

Nomenclature number: 123A14603
Application temperature:
The air and substrate temperatures during installation should be in the range from +5ºC to +30ºC. Do not work under direct sunlight, fog, wind or rain.

Approximately 2.5-2.7kg/m² depending on technique and thickness of application.

Shelf life and storage:
18 months in original sealed packing. Store at +5°C to +25°C, in a dry and well-ventilated room. The date of manufacture is imprinted on the packaging.
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BK-TravertinoExterior&Interior is a valuable mineral plaster intended for the decorative protection of interior and exterior surfaces.
It is characterized by excellent adhesion to mineral surfaces, exceptional water repellency,
as well as resistance to atmospheric influences and UV radiation.

It provides high vapor permeability and excellent resistance against the development of microorganisms. BK-Travertino is produced exclusively in white color and subsequently covered with BK-Velatura Exlusive clear coat, after drying for at least 24 hours under normal conditions.

Preparation and application

The surface to which the render is applied must be flat, dry, clean, free from loosely bonded parts, dust, water-soluble salts,
grease and other impurities, which can prevent good adhesion to the substrate.

Suitable substrates are cement-limemortars, reinforcement layer of thermal insulation systems, gypsum cardboards and cementfiber boards.
Before applying the decorative render coat the substrate with BK-Ultra Prime primer and in the case of smooth surfaces perform priming using the BK-Grund Universal. The preparation of the compound is done by adding the powder to about 25% of water to achieve a homogeneous mixture, without lumps (20kg of powder requires ~ 5L of water).

Allow the compound to rest for at least 10-15 minutes, before stirring once more, and if necessary add water to adjust the consistency. Use prepared compound within 2 hours. BK-Travertino is applied in two coats with a stainless trowel. Apply the first coat evenly in an approximate thickness of 1-2mm.

The second coat is applied after complete drying of the fi rst one (about 6 hours at normal drying). The creation of the texture of natural stone is achieved with the appropriate tool by which irregular recesses, characteristic of travertine stone, are created. The added eff ect of the render is achieved by lightly leveling with a metal trowel when the material begins to “pull”.

When the material is surface-dried (about 2 hours when drying under normal conditions) it is possible to form the appearance of joints with the proper tool to imitate the look of stone blocks.