Bekament BK-Velatura Transparent plaster for decorations 1L

Bekament BK-Velatura Transparent plaster for decorations 1L

Nomenclature number: 123A05765
Optimal operating temperature:
From +5°C to +30°C. The coating is completely dry after 24 hours. See product datasheet for more detailed instructions.

Approximately 0,05-0,10L/m2, depending on the application technique.

Shelf life:
18 months in original sealed packing. Store at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C, protected from direct sunlight and frost.
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Transparent waterproof, acrylic plaster with silicone additives,
designed to create special effects in various decorative techniques.
Recommended for external and internal use.

Preparation and application

The surface to which compound is applied must be solid, clean and dry.
BK-Velatura is a ready-to-apply material.
Stir the mixture gently.

In case of application on highly absorbent surfaces (e.g. BK Travertino), it is necessary to pre-impregnate the surface with
BK-Penetrate in order to reduce and equalize the absorbency.

The material is applied with a long-haired brush, roller or sponge gradually on smaller areas of 1-2m.
The final look is achieved by wiping with a sponge while the material is still wet.