Bekament BK-Grund Silicate

Bekament BK-Grund Silicate

Approximately 0.2-0.25kg/m², depending on the absorption and roughness of the wall surface.
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Structural silicate substrate for covering lime, lime-cement and cement surfaces for leveling, neutralization and bonding of the base before applying silicate paints and silicate decorative plaster.

It is recommended to paint BK-Grund SIlicat in the same color as the top layer. It can be used in exterior and interior.

Preparation and application

The substrate on which BK-Grund Silicat will be applied must be firm, clean, dry and free of grease. Mix BK-Grund Silicate with about 15% water (1.2L of water for an 8kg package, 3.75L of water for a 25kg package). Apply with a long roller or brush in one layer.

The required drying time to the application of the final layer is a minimum of 12 hours. During work, the temperature should be from + 15°С to + 30°С, relative air humidity not higher than 70%. For more detailed instructions, see the product technical guide.