Bekament BK-HidroStop Premium Elastic waterproofing coating

Bekament BK-HidroStop Premium Elastic waterproofing coating

Cost rate
0.5-0.6kg/m2 depending on the condition of the surface.
Prices from €23.87
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One-component waterproofing coating based on polymer emulsion
for horizontal and vertical protection of internal surfaces from moisture.
It is used for waterproofing kitchens, bathrooms, showers, basements, etc. before
laying the ceramic tiles.

It is suitable for use with systems for
floor heating.

Especially useful for waterproofing surfaces from

Preparation and method of use

The surfaces must be flat, without large cracks.
Before applying waterproofing, it is recommended to apply BK-Ultra Prime Primer, 4 hours before applying waterproofing.

BK-HidroStop Premium is applied undiluted with a brush or roller in two layers up to 1 mm thick.
BK-Tape waterproofing tape is placed on the joints and corners, which must be immersed in the first layer of waterproofing.

The second layer is applied crosswise after 2 hours of drying.
After 12 hours of drying of the second layer, the surface is ready for laying the ceramic tiles
(use elastic adhesives for gluing BK-160 SuperFlex, BK-155 Rapid White, BK-170 Elastic or BK-160 White).