Bekament BK-Penetrat Deep penetrating primer

Bekament BK-Penetrat Deep penetrating primer

Application temperature:
From +5°C to +25°C. Do not work under direct sunlight, rain or strong wind.

50-80ml/m², depending on absorbency and roughness of the surface.

Shelf life and storage:
12 months in original sealed packing. Store at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C, protected from direct sunlight and frost.
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Preparation and application

The substrate to which BK-Penetrat is applied must be clean, dry, free of oil residues and old coatings.
Before application, loosely bonded parts should be removed as far as possible.
Before use, dilute BK-Penetrat with water in ratio 1:3 and mix well.

For good penetration it is essential to follow the dilution instructions.

Apply with a long-hair brush, long-hair roller or by spraying.
With very old, absorbent surfaces, apply the primer twice using the wet-to-wet principle.

Drying time minimum 24 hours.