Decalcifying powder, 6 х 17 SC Kärcher

Decalcifying powder, 6 х 17 SC Kärcher

Nomenclature number: 122180291
Pack quantity (g): 6 x 17
Packaging unit (pcs): 15
Weight incl. Packaging (kg): 0.1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 205 x 125 x 20
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Effectively descales steam cleaners and other appliances working with hot water such as water jugs or coffee machines. For long life and low energy consumption.

Areas of application:

Descaler for Kärcher steam cleaners
Descaler for coffee machines, water jugs, etc.


Steam cleaners and other appliances
One packet of powder is added to the container
Pour the descaler into the appliance (steam cleaner, jug, etc.)
Rinse the appliance at least twice after the descaling process
is over
You can then use the appliance