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Underfloor cleaner FC5 KärcherUnderfloor cleaner FC5 KärcherUnderfloor cleaner FC5 Kärcher

Underfloor cleaner FC5 Kärcher

Nomenclature number: 122180218
Area productivity with one tank fill (m2) 60
Clean water tank volume (ml) 400
Dirty water tank volume (ml) 200
Working width of rollers (mm) 300
Drying time of cleaned floors (min) 2
Battery life (min) 20
Battery charging time (h) 4
Cleaning station volume (ml) 200
Weight without accessories (kg) 4.37
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 320 x 270 x 1220
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The set of FC 5 Cordless Premium includes an additional set of rollers, 500 ml universal cleaner and 30 ml cleaner for refreshing and maintaining wooden floors. The FC 5 Cordless Premium gives unprecedented freedom and flexibility in cleaning hard floors: with a single step, spilled dried or wet dirt can be cleaned. This improves cleaning results by 20% compared to conventional cleaning methods. The automatically moistened, rotating microfibre rollers clean the dirt, while at the same time the dirt is sucked from them. Thanks to the low residual moisture, wood, stone or PVC floors dry in less than 2 minutes. The forward rotation of the electric rollers makes cleaning easier and improves cleaning performance. Changing and cleaning the rollers is quick and easy and does not involve contact with dirt. FC 5 Cordless Premium cleans 20% better than a regular mop. Scope of application: on all hard floors such as parquet, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum or PVC; for hygienic cleaning everywhere (e.g. toilet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.); for quick and easy wiping of hard floors; also suitable for varnishing and sealed parquets.