Trimmer lines,round 3,0mm/15m Richmann C3654Trimmer lines,round 3,0mm/15m Richmann C3654

Trimmer lines,round 3,0mm/15m Richmann C3654

Nomenclature number: 1234C3654
Type: Trimmer cutting line
Section: round
Diameter [mm]: 3.0
Length [m]: 15
Color: orange
Material: nylon
Weight [kg]: 0.107
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Round cutting line for trimmer.
Designed for mowing fine grass, small plants, weeds, bushes and meadows.
The round cross-section of the line ensures high durability and low wear.
The bright color makes it easy to find cut pieces of fishing line in the grass.
Designed for battery or combustion powered trimmers over 2 HP.
The cross-sectional diameter is 3.0 mm.
Made of nylon.
Length 15 m.