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Electric brush cutter Procraft PT600Electric brush cutter Procraft PT600Electric brush cutter Procraft PT600Electric brush cutter Procraft PT600

Electric brush cutter Procraft PT600

Nomenclature number: 131PT600
Engine: Electric
Power: 600 W
Voltage: 230 V
Blade speed: 1700 rpm
Cutting length: 55 cm
Maximum cutting diameter: 16/20 mm
Type of handle: Ergonomic, Adjustable
Knives: Double-sided sharpened
Weight: 2.5 kg
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Electric brushcutter PROCRAFT PT600

Brush cutter PROCRAFT PT750 has a power of 600 W

The PROCRAFT PT600 brush cutter is an electric tool designed for trimming and maintaining hedges and shrubs in your garden. With its help, you can achieve any shape you desire. This electric scissors is really easy and comfortable to work with. Even prolonged work is not so tiring, as its weight is very light and its construction is perfectly balanced. Its handle is extremely comfortable to work with, as it has an ergonomic shape and a conveniently located trigger. The additional handle, close to the handle, contributes to the precision and comfort. The guard stops flying branches so they won't fly into you while you're trimming the bushes. With this inexpensive brush cutter, you can work comfortably low to the ground, at shoulder level or overhead. This is possible thanks to the adjustable handle. The power cable is thickened at the base, so even when you stretch it there is no risk of it accidentally breaking. The blades of this model are laser sharpened and very sharp. They cut the bushes with ease and are very durable, so you can be sure that they will serve you faithfully for a long time