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PD2300 Hobel Streichmus machine ProcraftPD2300 Hobel Streichmus machine ProcraftPD2300 Hobel Streichmus machine Procraft

PD2300 Hobel Streichmus machine Procraft

Nomenclature number: 131PD2300
Technical parameters:

Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Power: 2000W
Idle speed: 8000rpm.
Maximum removal depth: 0-3mm
Cutting height: 6-160mm
Planing speed: 6m/min
Worktop with extension: 330x630mm

Setup parameters:

1. Wood profile 0-100mm: cutting depth 0-3mm
2. Wood profile 160-210mm: cutting depth 0-2mm
3. Wood profile 210-330mm: cutting depth 0-1mm
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Streichmus for processing wooden surfaces with a planing speed of 6m/min

Hobel strechmus PROCRAFT PD2300 has a power of 2000W and a power supply of 230V, 50Hz. The worktop is made of steel sheet with an extension of 330x630mm. The cutting height is 160mm, but there is a lever that can adjust the height depending on the dimensions of the processed material. The planing speed is 6m/min. The machine is designed for processing wooden surfaces such as boards, beams, etc. Extremely comfortable to use, it is easy to carry thanks to the integrated side handles. The internal system consists of rollers that facilitate the feeding of the wood, and the front and back are equipped with hinged covers that turn into platforms for easy sliding of the wood.