TIC-TAC bits PZ2 Bosch 2607002804TIC-TAC bits PZ2 Bosch 2607002804

TIC-TAC bits PZ2 Bosch 2607002804

Nomenclature number: 1352607002804
Pack quantity: 25
Type: PZ2
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Highly durable for long life and can even withstand the force of impact screwdrivers.
The extended torsion zone makes the bit extremely strong for long-lasting work.
Modified S2 steel and optimized heat treatment process provide extremely strong durability for high performance.
Stores in a tic tac box for easy transport and safe storage.
Pack of 25 PZ2 Impact Control Bits stored in a handy Tic Tac box for easy storage and bit identification. They are extremely strong and can withstand even the force of impact screwdrivers, with an extended torsion zone for stable and long-lasting operation.