Mixer 500x100mm Richmann C0632Mixer 500x100mm Richmann C0632Mixer 500x100mm Richmann C0632

Mixer 500x100mm Richmann C0632

Nomenclature number: 1234C0632
Type: Mortar mixer
Application: masonry mortars
Handle: HEX
Weight range [kg]: 10 - 25
Working diameter [mm]: 100
Rod diameter [mm]: 8
Length [mm]: 500
Weight [kg]: 0.388
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Mixer for mortars, dimensions 500 x 100 x 8 mm.
The special shape of the double spiral allows for faster and more effective mixing of the mass.
The hexagonal handle allows it to be placed in a clamping chuck, e.g. in a drill.
It allows for effective mixing of mass in the range of 10 - 25 kg.
Optionally, it can be used to mix other masses with similar properties.