Mixer 600x120mm Richmann C0633Mixer 600x120mm Richmann C0633Mixer 600x120mm Richmann C0633

Mixer 600x120mm Richmann C0633

Nomenclature number: 1234C0633
Type: Mortar mixer
Application: masonry mortars
Handle: HEX
Weight range [kg]: 20 – 35
Working diameter: 120mm
Rod diameter: 10mm
Length: 600mm
Weight [kg]: 0.657
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Mixer for mortars, dimensions 600x120x10mm.
The special shape of the double spiral allows for faster and more effective mixing of the mass.
The hexagonal handle allows it to be placed in a clamping chuck, e.g. in a drill.
It allows for effective mixing of mass in the range of 20 - 35 kg.
Optionally, it can be used to mix other masses with similar properties.