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HCM600 Concrete mixer 180l, 1000W, 26.6 rpmHCM600 Concrete mixer 180l, 1000W, 26.6 rpmHCM600 Concrete mixer 180l, 1000W, 26.6 rpmHCM600 Concrete mixer 180l, 1000W, 26.6 rpmHCM600 Concrete mixer 180l, 1000W, 26.6 rpm

HCM600 Concrete mixer 180l, 1000W, 26.6 rpm

Nomenclature number: 131HCM600
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power: 1000 W
Capacity: 180 l
Maximum rotation speed: 26.6 rpm
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The Elefant HCM600 is a 180L tank, 1000W power concrete mixer designed for home and small industrial projects as well as construction sites. It was created in order to speed up the process of preparation of construction material and to save effort and time. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be transported using the transport wheels mounted on the base and.

The supporting structure consists of four elements connected by screws 8 to 9 mm thick, equipped with nuts and washers. Each connection is made with a pair of screws to firmly tighten the entire frame. The metal parts of the base are made of metal with a thickness of 3.5 mm.

The tank consists of two parts joined together by ten screw threads arranged in a circle on the gear crown. The contact area between these parts is provided with a rubber seal to keep water out and to avoid oxidation over time. The metal support (column) that connects the tank to the rest of the structure is a solid 49 mm thick tube that easily supports the weight of the mixing tank.

The dental crown is made of cast iron, and does not require lubrication during the period of operation. The drum fixing system is controlled by a simple mechanism, thanks to the spring placed at the base of the front leg. The mixing paddles in the drum ensure an efficient process of preparing the solution and the working mixture.

The motor is mounted with four screws with a seal. The drive mode is belt driven, which ensures that the engine is protected from excessive load when working with heavy mixtures. Regarding its quality, the powerful 1000W electric motor is completely protected from external influence by a plastic housing and is equipped with a forced cooling system.

With the Elefant HCM600 concrete mixer, it is possible to mix different compositions of plaster, concrete, lime-based solutions, granular substances and a wide range of construction materials.