Heat guns
PH2000 PROCRAFT Electric heat gunPH2000 PROCRAFT Electric heat gun

PH2000 PROCRAFT Electric heat gun

Nomenclature number: 131PH2000
Power consumption: 2000 W
Nominal voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Temperature: 50°/50°- 650℃
Air volume: 250/500 l/min
Temperature control: yes
Weight: 0.93 kg
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Hot air gun with two flow rates - 250 l/min and 500 l/min and LCD display

Procraft PH2000 hot air gun has a power of 2000 W and two flow rates - 250 l/min and 500 l/min. The set values are displayed on the LCD display. The air intake openings are protected by grills that prevent larger parts from entering the interior. The rear of the gun is shaped to provide a stable support when placing the gun on a table and using it in an upright position. Comes complete with 4 nozzles of different sizes and a case.