Personal protective equipment
Welding apron - 100x80cm. Rhinoweld AP009-712-001-000Welding apron - 100x80cm. Rhinoweld AP009-712-001-000

Welding apron - 100x80cm. Rhinoweld AP009-712-001-000

Nomenclature number: 185230190
Rhino weld
Dimensions: 100x80cm
Material: cowhide; Stitching: Kevlar thread
Adjustable straps for optimal fit
Can be used as an addition to a welding jacket or as outerwear during the welding process
CE mark
Compliant with the EN ISO 11611 standard
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Protective apron made of flame-retardant leather.
High-quality material sewn with Kevlar thread ensures safety in work related to the welding industry.
The apron has an adjustable strap.