Welding apparatus
Balkan Weld MIG 160HD inverter welding machineBalkan Weld MIG 160HD inverter welding machineBalkan Weld MIG 160HD inverter welding machine

Balkan Weld MIG 160HD inverter welding machine

Nomenclature number: 185300310
Model: MIG-160HD
Function: MIG MMA
Input voltage: 1x220V-240V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Input capacity: MIG 4.5KVA, MMA 4.3KVA
Current range: MIG 40-160A, MMA 20-140A
Rated duty cycle: 60.00%
Welding wire: 0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0mm
Insulation class: F
Degree of protection: IP21S
Machine size 460x210x290mm
Machine weight 10.5kg
Accessories 15AK MIG torch with 3m copper cable, electrode holder with 2m copper cable, earth terminal with 2m cable.
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1. Uses advanced IGBT inverter and PWM technology.

2. MIG/MMA/LIFT-TIG, 2T/4T and multi-process, Built-in Arc Force and Hot Start. The reel gun can be used. (Spool Gun)

3. With inductance regulation to control the
the characteristic of the welding arc (from soft to hard).

4. Unique steel body with innovative human handle.

5. Easy-to-use front cable connector to change the polarity, can work with solid wire (gas welding) or flux wire (gasless welding).

6. Setting the welding voltage corresponding to the welding current, controlling the speed of the body feeder.

7. Digital display, effective spatter control, improved penetration and better welding performance.

8. Works with 5kg roll (standard) and 1kg wire roll.
Ability to quickly feed the wire when loading and.

9. The special lower air duct (pipe type) for better heat dissipation.