BK-Liv 30 Quick-setting self-leveling compound 25kg Bekament

BK-Liv 30 Quick-setting self-leveling compound 25kg Bekament

Nomenclature number: 123A16715
Consumption rate: About 1.5-1.7kg/m2/mm.
Packaging: 25kg
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High-strength fast-setting self-leveling compound for leveling concrete surfaces,cement screeds / tiles and tiled surfaces before installing parquet, ceramics, PVC and other fl oor coverings, in residential, commercial and similar buildings. The product is not intended for a top coat. The thickness of the layer is 5-30mm. It is used for interior and exterior surfaces (eg terraces or loggias in combination with BK-HidroStop waterproofi ng coatings). Suitable in underfloor heating system.

Preparation and aplication:

The substrate on which the mass is applied must be firm, clean, dusty, free of grease and poorly bonded parts. Before applying BK-Liv 30, coat the substrate with BK-Ultra Prime, while in the case of application on old ceramic tiles, use BK-Bond as a substrate. Substrate drying time is minimum 4 hours. The preparation of the mass is done by adding powder in 19-20% of water, until complete homogenization. Leave the mass to stand for 5 minutes and then stir again. The mass is poured on the substrate in one layer using a suitable tool, and after pouring, it is desirable to coat the surface with a special needle roller (“hedgehog” roller), in order to expel air bubbles. Use the mixed mass within 45 minutes. See the product data sheet for detailed instructions.