Bekament BK-Delux Semi Matt High quality acrylic washable latex

Bekament BK-Delux Semi Matt High quality acrylic washable latex

Approximately 65-75ml/m2 for two coats.
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High-quality, washable latex with high whiteness, produced on the basis of high-quality
an acrylic emulsion intended for interior use. It is produced with different levels
of glossiness: semi-matte and matte. It has excellent abrasion resistance and possesses a high
roof power.

Can be cleaned with water, all-purpose cleaner and
disinfectants. It is applicable for decorative protection of internal walls and ceilings in residential,
commercial and public buildings, as well as where periodic cleaning is required n
and the wall surfaces.

It is an environmentally friendly wall latex that is not harmful to human
health and the environment, does not contain organic solvents.

Preparation and method of use

The base on which it will be applied must be hard, clean, dry and pre-treated with a primer.
The latex is prepared by adding about 5-10% water, with constant stirring until complete homogenization.

Application is usually done with a short-pile roller and, if necessary, with a brush or by spraying, most often in two layers.
The second layer is applied after the first layer has completely dried, which under normal conditions
(T = +23-25 ​​oC, relative humidity = 50-60%) requires 4-6 hours.

Subsequent color corrections during application (further dilution, addition of colorants, etc.) are not permitted.