Bekament BK-Pol Interior paint for walls

Bekament BK-Pol Interior paint for walls

Cost rate
Approximate consumption: 1.5-2kg/m2

Drying time:
Apply the second layer after the first layer is completely dry. In normal
conditions (T = + 23-25 ​​°C, relative humidity = 50-60%), it takes about 6 hours.

If there is a need to adjust the consistency of the mixture being worked with,
up to 1% water can be added.
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Interior wall paint based on high-quality polymer emulsion. There are excellent ones
covering properties and vapor permeability resistant to dry cleaning.

Подготовка и начин на употреба

The base on which the mixture is applied must be firm, clean and dry, without greasy spots, etc.
The base must be pre-coated with BK-Podloga so that the plaster mixture adheres well to the surface.
In case the surface is extremely absorbent, impregnation can also be carried out using BK-Levelator.

The mixture is applied with a steel brush, usually in two layers with a total thickness of up to 3mm.
After mechanical processing, the surface is manually smoothed.

The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first one and after each layer all irregularities are
level with sandpaper with a grain of 180 to 240 depending on the technique and purpose.