Bekament BK-Dur XPS boards fiber wafer type

Bekament BK-Dur XPS boards fiber wafer type

The product should be applied at the recommended temperature. When exposed to a temperature higher than the recommended maximum temperature of 50°C, the plates may soften, permanently deform, change their size, thin and lose their mechanical properties.
The product should be glued only with cement adhesives or polyurethane foam-glue and fixed with plastic dowels.

The glue must not contain chemically soluble substances that can react with the plates in such a way as to soften them, cause shrinkage and even dissolution, which can lead to the loss of the main properties.
The product is installed in accordance with the general rules for performing thermal insulation works in construction.
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BK-Dur XPS, type "wafer" is a thermal insulation board made of extruded polystyrene foam, with a ribbed surface structure, resistant to water (moisture) and high compressive loads. It is intended for insulation of new buildings and repair of existing buildings.
The rigidly pressed closed-cell polystyrene panels,
allow the building to "breathe".

This is achieved through a special mixture and cell composition combined with the treated surface. Used for plinth insulation, high pressure floor insulation, perimeter insulation, flat roof insulation.


To be stored in closed spaces, away from sources of heat and fire.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Avoid contact with incompatible chemicals and materials (organic solvents, oil, etc.).