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Trowel fiberglass  Richmann C0981Trowel fiberglass  Richmann C0981

Trowel fiberglass Richmann C0981

Nomenclature number: 1234C0981
Type: Garden shovel
Material: Fibreglass
Total length [mm]: 280
Working length [mm]: 150
Working width [mm]: 80
Measuring range [mm]: 0 - 10
Measuring range [inch] 0 - 4
Weight [kg] 0.052
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Wide garden spatula with tape measure.
Made from a durable fibreglass material called "Fibreglass".
The inner part of the spatula has an embossed measuring tape that allows you to accurately measure the amount of soil or other organic compounds.
The fibreglass material ensures long life, light weight and durability.
The handle has a special thumb grip that prevents the tool from slipping while working.
The spatula has an eyelet for hanging on a hook, e.g. in the workshop, or for passing a cord over the wrist.
Contemporary colour and design.