5 Products
  • Handsaw GKS 190 Bosch 0601623000
    Nominal power consumption: 1400W
    Idle speed: 5500rpm
    Disc hole diameter: 30mm
    Cutting disc diameter: 190mm
    Cutting depth (90°): 70mm
    Cutting depth (45°): 50mm
    Weight: 4.2kg
  • Desktop immersion circular saw GCM 12 SDE Bosch 0601B23100
    Cutting capacity at: 0°, 85x370mm
    Bevel cutting capacity: 45°, 90x250mm
    Cutting capacity at 45° slope: 38x370mm
    Bevel adjustment: 52 ° L / 60 ° R
    Tilt adjustment: 47 ° L / 47 ° R
    Depth x Length x Height: 86x60x53cm
    Idle revolutions: 3,100–4,000 min-1
    Cutting disc diameter: 305mm
    Cutting disc opening: 30mm
    Nominal power consumption: 1,800W
    Value of vibration emissions, Ah: 2.5m/s²
    Instability, K: 1.5m/s²
  • Настолен циркуляр GCM 10 MX Bosch 0601B29021
    Cutting capacity at 0°: 89mm
    Cutting capacity at 45° slope: 67mm
    Idle speed: 4,800 min-1
    Cutting disc diameter: 255mm
    Circular saw blade hole Ø: 25mm
    Weight: 14.1 kg
    Nominal power consumption: 1,700 W
  • KR1400 Handsaw Procraft
    Voltage: 230V
    Power consumption: 1400W
    Rotation speed: 5500rpm
    Disc diameter: 185mm
    Maximum depth: 70mm
    Weight: 4.5kg
  • SS350 Disc sharpening machine Procraft
    Nominal power: 110W
    Idle speed: 5300rpm
    Disc hole: 16-32mm
    Disc diameter: 90-400mm
    Diameter of the sharpening wheel: 100x20x1.2mm
    Sound pressure level: 69dB(A)
    Sharpening angle adjustment
    Weight: 5.4kg