4 Products
  • Electric impact wrench 1/2 Dewalt DW292
    Technical parameters:

    Power: 710W
    Max. torque: 440Nm
    Connection size: 1/2"
    Idle speed: 0-2100rpm
    Impact rate: 0-2700bpm
    Weight: 3,970kg
  • Impact wrench Makita TD0101F
    Power: 230W
    Idle speed: 0-3600rpm
    Bpm: 0-3200bpm
    Screw size: M4-M8
    Standard bolts: M5-M14
    High strength bolts: M5-M10
    Coarse thread screws: 22-90mm
    Grip Size: 6.35mm, 1/4"
    Grip type: hexagonal
    Maximum torque: 100Nm
    Noise: sound pressure: 90dB(A)
    Noise: sound power: 101dB(A)
    Noise: Deviation: 3dB(A)
    Vibrations: impact tightening: 7.5m/s²
    Vibration: deflection, (K): 1.5m/s²
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 185x67x192mm
    Weight: 0.99kg
  • Impact Wrench Makita 6904VH
    Power: 360W
    Idle revolutions (1st gear/2nd gear): 0-2100/0-2400 min-¹
    Number of strokes at idle speed (1st gear/2nd gear): 0-2500/0-3000 min-¹ 
    Max. tightening torque (1st gear/2nd gear): 150/200Nm
    Tool Grip: 1/2" Outside Square
    Standard screws: M10-M16
    High strength bolts: M10-M12
    Self-tapping screws: 6mm
    Weight: 1.8kg
  • Impact Wrench Makita TW0350
    Power: 400W
    Idle speed: 2000rpm
    Number of strokes at idle speed: 2000 strokes/min
    Max. tightening torque: 350Nm
    Tool Grip: 1/2" Square
    Standard bolts: M12-M22
    High-strength bolts: M12-M16
    Weight: 2.9kg