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Additional material - AlMg5 rods

Additional material - AlMg5 rods

Sizes: Ø 1.6, 2.0, 2.4mm
Wire for TIG welding and repair of details, sheets and profiles from aluminum-magnesium alloys.
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Wire for TIG welding of magnesium-alloyed aluminum alloys (hard aluminum). It is used in high-strength aluminum structures, in construction, in the automotive industry and in shipbuilding. It has been tested for operation from -196 to +100 °C.

AlMg5 is generally used for parts that require high strength and do not heat up during operation.

TIG welding of aluminum is not recommended for thicknesses over 20mm, due to strong deformations and overheating. For thicknesses over 10mm, pre-heating to 150 - 200 °C is required. Prolonged heating should be avoided during welding and operation to avoid hardening and embrittlement.

Electrode Current and Polarity: Alternating (AC, ~ )

Shielding gas: 100% Ar (argon)