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Welding hose MIG15

Welding hose MIG15

Welding current at duty cycle DC 60%: 180 A CO2 - 150 A mixed gas
Diameter of bodies Ø: 0.6 – 1.2 mm
Type of cooling: Shielding gas
Flow rate of protective gas: 10 – 18 l/min
Length (m): 3 to 5m
MIG/MAG duty cycle: 60%
Weight: 1,500 kg
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The welding hose is designed for welding machines using shielding gas MIG/MAG. Its length is 3 and 4 meters and it can withstand loads of up to 180 amperes. The hose is light, flexible and comfortable for long periods of work. It is suitable for wire thicknesses from Ø0.6 to 1.2 mm. At 60% duty cycle, maximum load is 180 amps with CO2 or 150 amps with argon or CO2 mixed gas.