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Welding hose TIG 17 - FV- 2- 4 м

Welding hose TIG 17 - FV- 2- 4 м

Nomenclature number: 185310309
Burner body type: with valve
Connector size ŁW/ŁP: ​​35/50
Work cycle AC 35%: 125 A
Work cycle DC 35%: 140 A
Range of electrode diameters / electrode length: 1.0 to 4.0mm / 175mm
Flow rate of protective gas: 10 – 20 l/min
Cooling type: protective gas
Length: 4 m
Nominal Cassette/Cable/Handle Length: 4m
Weight: 1,920 kg
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The welding hose is a gas-cooled hose for (TIG/VIG) welding (with a non-consumable electrode). The burner has a 2-pin control connector.
Each hose comes with supplies including: long and short tail,№6 ceramic nozzle, diffuser and one collet.